Andi Wittwer: Reading and Studying History is my passion.

Author, historian instructor and lifelong student, Andi Wittwer lives in Hayward, WI grew up on her family’s 115-year-old farm. Armed with a BA in Anthropology and twenty-five years of service in the Sawyer County Historical Society, she recreates northern Wisconsin rural life from 1900-1971. Her first book, “Let the Secrets Die” begins the saga of the Jewell Johnson Mysteries, exploring rural Wisconsin life and solving a murder hidden for three generations.

“Northern Wisconsin has been my home for sixty years. My received a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Among my many other interests and hobbies, I love reading and studying local and world history and geography. More recently, I have discovered the academic use of the Internet and social media. I use many of the themes and ideas I have come across as “grist for the mill” in my books.

My grandfather’s farm is near Round Lake and just ‘down the road’ from the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation. I taught several different classes on campus and taught students of  LCO Ojibwe Community College in the Oshki Bimaadiziiwen Incarcerated Education program. During this time I have acquired a large amount of knowledge about Ojibwe history and customs.

Besides my family and many friends, my favorite thing was visiting Guatemala. The second book in the series, “Done Running,” will be released in January, 2019 and the last Jewell Johnson mystery “The Secret of San Pedro La Laguna” will wrap up the three book series. I truly hope you will enjoy reading and learning from my little ‘history mysteries’.

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