Summers at the lake are sweet memories.

A note to the reader: I began writing my story about Jewell Johnson in 1981.

The secrets and situations surrounding my characters are historical fiction. I think a truly fun mystery novel intrigues, involves and interests the reader. In the chaos of every-day life, there are little ‘history mysteries’ because life is filled with so many plots, comedies and sometimes dark subplots. My mother always said “Curiosity killed the cat: but satisfaction brought him back.” She also said, “secrets kept, become tombs.” I hope my Jewell Johnson books will not only satisfy readers with historical information but also leave you entertained as I reveal the secret.

Our world has developed international, intimate connectivity through the internet since 1971. Before then our lives had shorter vistas and closer horizons, so we lived less complex lives. But less complex, doesn’t mean simple. Jewell is like many of us were in rural America back then: unsuspecting, guileless and a little gullible. We found life is like walking over the accumulated layers of humus under whispering boughs in a pine forest. We tread on this matted pine needle surface resembling thin tumbled toothpicks, not comprehending the complex, living world beneath our feet. Growing up can be so very painful.