Let The Secrets Die – Is Done

My book, “Let The Secrets Die“, the first of a three volume set called The Jewell Johnson Mysteries – is back from the publisher and I am picking up them up tomorrow.
This edition is a First Edition, signed and numbered and there are only 250 for Friends and Family.  I will be publishing it again when I release my second book, “Done Running“. This volume and the third one called “The Secret of San Pedro La Laguna” are still being written but my plan is to be done in 2016. These first editions will be retailing for $20 – no sales tax. The second editions will have a different cover and possibly under a pseudonym but all three books will have F&F first editions. I might try to devise a box for both sets.
As you may know, I love history, it begins in 1908 and ends in 1972. These three Jewell Johnson Mysteries are historical fiction set in the early 1970’s but they dip back into Northern Wisconsin’s early beginnings.
I am super excited!Emoji

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  1. I really admire you for everything you have done, working at the coop with you gave me hope to know that I could do anything, and reading about your job loss,mirrors mine on nov9th,being 62 an awesome let go, gave me onsite on my mind, and relief to start again, thank you for being my friend.

  2. Hello Mrs. Wittwer,

    I am originally from Hayward, though life’s travels have brought me to New Jersey. My maiden name is Cairns. My mom and most of my family still live in beautiful Hayward, WI. I hope to return one day, particularly since I now have a daughter. What a wonderful place to grow up! I knew your daughter, Amanda, in high school, and even had the pleasure of visiting your majestic farmhouse once! Anyway, my mom was telling me about your book. I would absolutely love to read it! I see you mentioned the initial publication was only for friends and family. Are there still any copies available for purchase anywhere? I hope it was okay to contact you via this method. I’m one of those strange people that don’t have a facebook account 🙂

    Thank you,

    1. I have some left. What a pleasure to hear from you! It is $20 + 3.00 for postage and package. Just send a check (PayPal?) to A Wittwer 10763 N Round Lake School Road Hayward, WI 54843 and include your return address. That’s so cool that you visited here!☺️

      1. What wonderful news!! I’m so thrilled! Paypal would be easiest for me if that works for you. I tried searching by name, but it says I must search by email address. Would you mind sharing the email address associated to your PayPal account?

      2. Excellent – sent the PayPal transaction through. Thank you so much!

        Bless you and yours,

      3. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind passing on my email address? Janettadambach@gmail.com I would love to catch up! Amanda was always one of those kind and lovely souls that made whatever you were doing so much more fun just by her being there. 😊

  3. Yay! If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind passing on my email address to her? (Janettadambach@gmail.com) I would love to catch up! Amanda was always one of those kind and lovely people that make things more fun just by her being there 🙂

      1. Thank you 🙂 And no problem – I totally understand how that goes. Sorry for the double comment post. My computer said the first didn’t go through, so I posted again, and then there were two! Ah technology!

  4. I have just now finished your book, and had to come back to comment. Wow – what an exhilarating read! I could not put it down! I may or may not have shirked many of my responsibilities the past couple of days. My husband is lucky dinner made it to the table LOL. This was truly one of the best books I have read in a long time. I will be eagerly awaiting your next piece.

    All the best,

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