Büyük Menderes and Why I Call My Blog Andi’s Meanderings

Büyük Menderes means Meander(Μαίανδρος) which is the longest river in western Turkey, well known -already in Antiquity- for its fluvial deposits.

So, what is a fluvial deposit and why would I name my blog after a long river on the other side of the world?

Good question.  A fluvial deposit is

Meander was a Greek river god described in Hesiod’s “Theogony”. When I was a kid I read alot about gods and goddesses from Greek, Roman and Norse mythology.  They were just stories about long dead beings in my mind.  I never considered them as real or a part of any spiritual world. My name is Andrea and my father would call me “andereea”. I signed my letters Me, Andi and that became over time Meandrea.  It made my parents smile. Besides, I meander quite a bit. So there you are: I tend to wander physically and spiritually and I leave mental deposits wherever I go. hmmmm.

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