Tangled Trees

July storm damage near Danbury

Sometimes our lives begin to look like the woods after a storm…the trees are bent over and broken like toothpicks. It is hard to move around in this tangled mess. I remember hunting in the Big Slash near Seeley, WI.  I couldn’t get through the brush unless I straddled the saplings and pushed forward with all my might. Sometimes I had to tiptoe along a downed log clutching my rifle tight.  In those days I was so skinny that I felt like my rifle weighed as much as I did! In fact, if I stumbled I didn’t even fall, the thick brush held me upright. I had to check my compass every few steps to finish the drive at the right place.

Now when I go back those saplings are tall trees waving gently in the wind. The brush is gone and deer paths wind through the shady grassy hillsides. Have faith, after the storms of life, there will be shady paths to walk again.  The breeze will cool you and the sun will warm your face. Chin up; struggle through the messy times knowing that better times are coming.

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