I tossed and turned the first night after I was told my job was done at the Hardware Store. I was more excited than hurt or angry.  After I looked over my budget and tightened up a few bootstraps, I realized that Ron and I have always lived pretty simply and so letting go of a few luxuries like Friday night fish fry or having friends over on Sundays to eat with the family was not a big issue.

We will turn the lights off earlier, hang clothes on the line and eat more venison and rice. A big worry will be health insurance but alot of people don’t have insurance. We will park one car and ride together; my little pickup is not good on the winter roads anyway. God has been talking to me about not buying anything for a few months and my accountant Randy told me to quit donating money last spring.

I am excited because I have wanted to spend more time pastoring for several years.  I loved being at the hospital’s nursing home and preaching, now maybe I will have more time.  I want to visit the sick, comfort the dying and encourage the discouraged. I pray that God will release me long enough that I can serve Him with all of my heart and soul.

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  1. did your accountant mean your tithe? You Can’t even consider that if he did. Beyond your tithe yes. This is the one area that God says test me and i can tell you I tithe now and my life financially is better than it has been since October of 07. I am careful, but I always have been and as you looked, you won’t starve. I am grateful I did not have to eat venison as I hate it. Phil and my son and grandson like it though… so much to my displeasure, I would cook it for them from time to time. what is going on with Lana? What did she say?
    You are going to have all new chapters in your life. Your trust in God and your obiedience knowing it’s his will not our own will bring you through this. I agree, it’s the town folks and friends you will miss most. That will take a long time. Just make sure you go and have lunch once in awhile and stop by there. I believe your love for others will be your next “job” and you may not be paid in dollars….story of my life actually.HAHA

    1. I guess I didn’t think about my tithe, I just view that as #1 in my budget. No, I was supporting charities and not focusing on paying long term debt off. He was just correcting my generous spirit and turning my budget around. It was a good reminder that you can give away surplus but not the house.

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