Are Your Habits Healthy?

Are Your Habits Healthy?
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Good habits add to us, unhealthy habits steal from us?”
Here is something to consider; if you get busy making new good habits, you may find that you don’t have time for the old “bad” ones. First of all you have to think about all of the things you do and define what you think is a good habit. Then, exercise that habit, feed it and encourage it to grow.
For example, what about eating: instead of denying yourself, if you stay focused on preparing and eating tasty, healthy foods, you don’t have time to think about “junk” foods that add nothing to your body but calories. Almost every magazine or newspaper has an article on what foods are good for you, suggestions on how much to eat and often recipes. Remember a complicated recipe can actually help burn calories!
For example, what about smoking: if you keep busy and active, you will naturally have less time to use for that activity. Consider keeping your focus on helping others and sharing your blessings. You will save money from not smoking a couple cigarettes each day and gain self-esteem by reaching out to lift up the needy.
Maybe you have found that your spiritual house is unhealthy. Have you let attending church, praying, and listening to God slide off your list of priorities? Are other activities eating up a lot of your time, causing you to walk away from your faith? The medical community agrees that folks with a spiritual connection and happy attitudes are often healthier. A good habit to work on might be to connect with your church and reach out to help others. Remember that a few good habits will add much to your life.

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