Jesus Saves…everyone?

This morning I am working on a few summery things. There are bills to budget, a class to plan, a sermon to study for and a story to finish. My white board is filled with thoughts and ideas and plans and stuffffffff. I get thngs done by prioritizing, and then shuffling thoughts into catagories of accomplishment/set-aside/drop off my desk. Some things I want to do, won’t get done. That reminds me that Jesus didn’t use a white board to set priorities for saving and healing. He opened His arms and accepted all people, not just His inner circle of friends and disciples.He asked John to baptize Him when John said he wasn’t worthy. He reached out through the surrounding crowd to heal a woman who could hardly touch the hem of His clothes. He healed the Outsiders who were unsure that God could love even them. Jesus reaches out to you (right now) to heal you, not to throw you on a white board and prioritize you. You do not need to be a member of a church or a religious group. He died for all, not just some special people.That is a warm and summery thought for me.

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