Andi Wittwer: Author, Historian

Author, historian instructor and lifelong student, Andi Wittwer lives in Hayward, WI on her family’s 100-year-old farm. Armed with a BA in Anthropology and twenty-five years of service in the Sawyer County Historical Society, she recreates northern Wisconsin rural life from 1900-1971. Her first book, “Let the Secrets Die” begins the saga of the Jewell Johnson Mysteries, exploring small town life and solving a murder hidden for three generations.

“I’ve lived in Northern Wisconsin nearly all my life where I am a Wesleyan pastor and teacher. My BA degree is in Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and among my many other interests and hobbies, I have always loved reading and studying local and world history. I use many of the themes and ideas I have come across as “grist for the mill” in my books.

My grandfather’s farm is near Round Lake and just ‘down the road’ from the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation. I taught several different classes on campus and especially loved the jail program for the LCO Ojibwe Community College in the Oshki Bimaadiziiwen program. During this time I have acquired a large amount of knowledge about Ojibwe history and customs.

Besides my family and FaceBooking, my favorite thing is visiting my friends in Guatemala. Right now I am working on “Done Running,” the next Jewell Johnson mystery…and “The Secret of San Pedro La Laguna,” that will wrap up the three book series. I truly hope you will enjoy reading and learning from my little ‘history mysteries’.”


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  1. Hello! Currently looking for Let Secrets Die in my area. Question, are you available for questions about history in the Hayward area?

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